Jurnal Sistem Informasi dan Komputer Terapan Indonesia (JSIKTI) 2022-07-30T13:30:17+00:00 Sekretariat JSIKTI Open Journal Systems <p><strong> <img style="float: left; width: 200px; margin-top: 8px; margin-right: 10px;" src=""> </strong></p> <p align="justify">JSIKTI (Jurnal Sistem Informasi dan Komputer Terapan Indonesia), a four times annually provides a forum for the full range of scholarly study. JSIKTI scope encompasses <strong>data analysis, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, neural networks, pattern recognition, image processing, genetic algorithm, bioinformatics/biomedical applications, biometrical application, content-based multimedia retrievals, augmented reality, virtual reality, information system, game mobile, dan IT bussiness incubation</strong>.</p> <p align="justify">The journal publishes original research papers, short communications, and review articles both written in English or Bahasa Indonesia. The paper published in this journal implies that the work described has not been, and will not be published elsewhere, except in abstract, as part of a lecture, review or academic thesis. Paper may be written in English or Indonesian, however paper in English is preferred.</p> <p align="justify">Please read these journal guidelines and template carefully. Authors who want to submit their manuscript to the editorial office of JSIKTI (Jurnal Sistem Informasi dan Komputer Terapan Indonesia) should obey the writing guidelines. If the manuscript submitted is not appropriate with the guidelines or written in a different format, it will BE REJECTED by the editors before further reviewed. The editors will only accept the manuscripts which meet the assigned format.</p> <p align="justify">JSIKTI is published four times annually, March, June, September and December by INFOTEKS (Technology Information, Computer and Sciences Association), with <a href=";1543304673&amp;1&amp;&amp;">e-ISSN: <span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: small;"><span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: medium;">2655-7290 </span></span></a>and <a href=";1543390687&amp;1&amp;&amp;">p-ISSN: <span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: small;"><span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: medium;">2655-2183</span></span></a>.</p> <p align="justify"><strong>Before submission,</strong><br>You have to make sure that your paper is prepared using the JSIKTI paper TEMPLATE, has been carefully proofread and polished, and conformed to the author guidelines.</p> <p align="justify">Open Journal Systems (OJS) has been applied for all business process in JSIKTI. Therefore, the authors are required to register in advance and upload the manuscript by online. The process of the manuscript could be monitored through OJS. Authors, readers, editorial board, editors, and peer review could obtain the real time status of the manuscript. Several other changes are informed in the <a href=""><strong>Journal History</strong></a><span lang="id">.</span></p> Sistem Absensi Kegiatan Ormawa Berbasis QR Code 2022-07-30T13:30:16+00:00 I Wayan Dharma Suryawan Dewa Putu Yudhi Ardhiana <p><em>The attendance system has an important role in everyday life, for example in schools, universities, factories, offices, hospitals, and other places that require attendance. Various efforts have been made so that the recording of attendance can be done easily and quickly. Efforts have been made, for example, by using fingerprints, RFID, and using QR codes.&nbsp;&nbsp; This study develops an attendance system for student organizations by using a QR code. There are two applications developed, namely a web-based system and a mobile-based system. Data management is carried out on a web-based system. Attendance input is done on a mobile-based system. Attendance input is done using a QR code. The database used is designed to maintain data integrity to minimize recording errors. The attendance system for ormawa activities has been successfully developed. The use of a QR code makes inputting timesheets easier and faster. Users simply scan the QR code to enter the timesheet.</em></p> 2020-09-29T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sistem Informasi Kepegawaian Cuti Karyawan Berbasis Website Pada AUTO2000 di Denpasar 2022-07-30T13:30:16+00:00 Komang Surya Wisnawa putu sugiartawan <p><em>Furlough is one of the employee rights and obligations are given by the company that each employee has the right to leave at the place where their respective company works. Furlough can be used for employees not working for certain reasons such as personal needs, illness, or for other purposes. 13 of 2003 regarding employment. Currently, there are still many companies whose leave handling is still manual. Employees often do not know the rest of the furlough, the application for leave also still uses a form or card that must be filled out and then submitted to the authorized department. The design of this website, as for several stages including interviews, data collection, observation of data analysis then continued with the design of the employee furlough staffing website by analyzing and designing each component using UML with a presentation using use case diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams. With the existence of a leave application personnel information system which is a means of information media that can easily find out all information related to leave application and leave rights owned by each employee.</em></p> 2022-01-19T15:03:16+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sistem Informasi Administrasi Pada Kelompok Wanita Tani Laksmi Dewi Desa Ulakan 2022-07-30T13:30:16+00:00 I Made Eka Suardana Putu Sugiartawan <p>The Women Farmers Group (KWT) Laksmi Dewi in Ulakan Village, most of whom are&nbsp;housewives, where this group is engaged in agribusiness development that aims to improve&nbsp;village food security. The activities of this group include the use of vacant land used as planting&nbsp;land, training on the use of agricultural land, and utilization of village resources related to&nbsp;agribusiness. KWT activities are generally funded from the organization's treasury which is&nbsp;sourced from government grants from the village, district, and provincial governments, funds&nbsp;from donors, remaining business proceeds, and other assistance funds. The problem that occurs&nbsp;is from administrative management to support group management. From this, it is&nbsp;recommended that a website-based administrative information system be the solution. This&nbsp;system will be designed and built in such a way that it can handle system functionality in the&nbsp;form of managing KWT members, managing KWT activities, and managing KWT funds related&nbsp;to income and sources of funds, utilization of funds and results or income from each activity.</p> 2020-09-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Rancang Bangun Sistem Penggajian Dengan SPK Dalam Penentuan Insentif Guru Pada SMK TI Udayana Badung 2022-07-30T13:30:16+00:00 i putu agustina wijaya <p>SMK TI Udayana adalah sebuah sekolah kejuruan yang beralamat di jalan Denpasar Singaraja, Banjar Sayan Delodan Nomor 99X, Mengwi, Badung. Penggunaan komputer di SMK TI Udayana belum optimal karena menggunakan metode manual. Pencatatan data secara manual mengakibatkan keterlambatan dalam memproses data.</p> <p>Tugas Akhir ini bertujuan untuk merancang dan membangun sistem penggajian guru dan staff dengan implementasi SPK dalam penentuan insentif guru pada SMK TI Udayana badung berbasis desktop. Rancang bagun sistem dimulai dari proses pengumpulan data, proses analisis data dan perancangan sistem, selanjutnya diimplementasikan menjadi sebuah sistem penggajian dan diuji. Fitur-fitur yang dihasilkan dalam penelitian ini adalah mengelola data user, data guru, data staff, validasi absen guru, validasi absen staff, cek honor guru, cek honor staff, laporan honor guru, laporan honor staff, slip honor guru, slip honor staff.</p> <p>Sistem penggajian ini telah dibangun dan diuji sehingga menghasilkan informasi yang dapat membantu mempercepat secara administrasi dalam pemberian honor guru dan staff serta memberikan saran insentif guru pada SMK TI Udayana Badung.</p> 2020-09-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Rancang Bangun E-Commerce Pada Toko Bravo Sports 2022-07-30T13:30:17+00:00 Fitrah Faisal Zamli Brigida Arie Minartiningtyas <p><em>Bravo Sports Store is one of the shops or businesses engaged in the trade of sports equipment. In the process of selling goods, today the store is still using a conventional system that consumers must come directly to the store to buy the desired goods.&nbsp; Stores have been using technological advances to help disseminate information about goods sold by using social media such as BBM, Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. However, it is considered inefficient because of the large number of consumers. Social media is also not able to distinguish notifications between consumers who want to ask about goods and consumers who want to buy goods. In addition, the owner must also make continuous renewal of information items such as examples of quantities of goods and prices of goods which are then published back to the public. To overcome this the authors will design and build an e-commerce web.&nbsp; The result of&nbsp; e-commerce is a system can be used to process goods data, employee data, transaction data, order data, employee data, consumer data, and reports. Based on blackbox testing done can be concluded that has been successfully built a web e-commerce.</em></p> 2020-09-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##