Design and Development Key Board For Aksara Bali On Android With Auto Parts Improvement

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Ida Bagus Ary Indra Iswara
Putu Praba Santika
I Nyoman Saputra Wahyu Wijaya


Balinese is used as a natural language used in daily life in the islands of Bali, given the importance of preserving Balinese, the provincial government of Bali has tried to preserve Balinese in various ways, one of which is by issuing a Balinese Governor Regulation. Not only the government is trying to preserve Balinese language and script, some people are also trying to preserve it. The inclusion of Balinese script in Unicode makes it very easy to display Balinese script in various media. Balinese script is unique in the number of letters used. In this study, the device will be developed to enter in the form of a keyboard or keyboard and an application called Tamiang to facilitate users in typing and using the Balinese script on a computer device. The layout of the buttons on Tamiang are arranged according to the level of use of each character. Tamiang has only been developed on computer devices with multiplatform concepts. Along with technological developments, the computer device in this study will be developed Tamiang application on the Android platform. So that it can facilitate anyone in accessing and learning the Balinese language.


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Iswara, I. B. A., Santika, P., & Wijaya, I. N. (2019). Design and Development Key Board For Aksara Bali On Android With Auto Parts Improvement. ACSIE (International Journal of Application Computer Science and Informatic Engineering), 1(2), 65-74.